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Protocol Analytics is a new generation business supplying the next generation of network diagnostics and analysis tools to the storage and data communications marketplace.

Protocol Analytics is a dynamic, responsive organization with an experienced team developing new solutions for your storage and data network testing and support requirements. Protocol Analytics is the ideal partner in resolving network issues and improving network performance.

Protocol Analytics flagship product, sanAlytics, accepts input from a variety of different network data sources and translates streams of network information into useful configuration, fault diagnosis and performance measurement information.

Mission Statement

Protocol Analytics provides state of the art test and analysis products to the storage and networking community. These products are implemented using modern proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology allowing us to capture the domain expertise of our technical staff and industry advisors. Our products also leverage your exisiting equipment and infrastructure by supporting the most popular Protocol Analyzer trace formats.


Our Commitment to You

We are Protocol Analytics, and we are in business to make you successful.

We focus on writing software that analyzes trace data gleaned from the hardware analyzers and probes attached to your Storage Area Network (SAN). We are backed by an Advisory Board packed with the names of the authors of the books on your shelf - they continuously read through the networking specifications to understand what the industry is really doing. Based on this ever-growing knowledge base, we continuously update sanAlytics, our expert analysis software, to screen your network data for known anomalies. Also, sanAlytics will uncover previously unknown anomalies by filtering the data and pointing out the spikes and sinkholes in the data that show differences from the norm. Each of these could be a new anomaly that you need to get fixed, and quickly.

We are confident that we will be provide long term support because our competitors make money selling hardware, and give away their software. The real focus of our business model is on keeping our software ahead of the state of the art. This sets us apart -- our competitors give away their software strictly to sell their hardware, where we must sell our software to stay in business. That motivates us to keep our software tools sharp and our data analysis crisp to help keep your SAN working.

You should make sanAlytics part of your permanent library of software tools. This program will find bugs that will help you avoid millions of dollars of revenue during down times. More than that, it will help you anticipate and prevent these down times by keeping up to date with the new bugs that are continually fighting to bring down your SAN. SanAlytics can do this not just because of our highly skilled Advisory Board and energetic Engineering staff, but more because of our diligent commitment to keeping you up to date by making your company our development partner moving forward.

We want to hear from you so we can add the tools you want to sanAlytics. We continuously update sanAlytics based on what we learn from you. Every new feature we add makes your SAN more secure, and keeps you ahead of your competition. In addition, if you prefer, as your own development moves forward, work with us to add proprietary modules to sanAlytics to maintain the key features that keep you ahead of your competition.

We are Protocol Analytics and we are in business to make you successful.


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