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(949) 255-5808

At Protocol Analytics we are dedicated to customer satisfaction. If you should experience any difficulties in using your software a number of support options are available to you.

Support Options

Software Updates

We are constantly striving to improve our software and bring you new features. Software updates are available via the website at Please ensure that you are using the latest release of software before reporting a problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

A large number of support issues can be resolved quickly via the frequently asked questions list on our web site.

Email You can contact us at Please give us details of the software version you are using. Your operating system name and version and the problem you are experiencing

If you wish to discuss your issue with one of our support engineers then you can contact us by phone at (949) 255-5808. Our office hours are 8am to 5pm PST.


You can also fill in our Support Request Form and fax a copy of your support question to Protocol Analytics at (949) 509-7703.

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Registration

Can only see trace summary and trace viewer check registration

Cannot read trace file no reader installed for file type

Evaluation period expired

Windows Configuration

Window goes off screen minimum resolution 1024x768

Dot Net not installed

Fault View

No Action Vector message A state transition in your trace file has been encountered that the software cannot resolve. Please send a copy of you trace file to Protocol Analytics with a description of the problem

SCSI Performance View

No Data Displayed in Graphs The graphs only display SCSI Data. Ensure you have some SCSI commands in the trace file.


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